58% of Middle Managers Report They Have

Never Received any Formal Training

Successful managers get things done but how do they become successful? Bridge the skill gaps and elevate your team—and your manager’s career—to new levels of greatness with custom Blaast training for your managers.

Live Training

Unique business like yours requires unique training to match. With our live training we offer specific training to meet the needs of your company. We offer these custom trains:

  • once a month in person or virtually training
  • live seminars with relevant topics to your business

On Demand Training

Tap into our full library of on demand training that cover a wide variety of topics. With this training you’ll get access to these on demand in addition to:

  • training workbooks
  • knowledge comprehension quizzes
  • interactive games


To keep what you have learned from the trainings we provide reminders to help you implement what you have learned. This can be done in your company’s preferred messaging either through:

  • email
  • text message
  • preferred messaging platform