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6 Things We Learn From Games About Rewards and Recognizing Our Employees

Over the past two years, corporate America has experienced a massive shift in workplace values and dynamics. Historically, this country has watched as employers and managers hold all the power and employees…

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Employee Engagement: What’s the ROI?

This year we’ve seen historical changes to the workforce. Come about by political elections, a pandemic, the Great Resignation, and a new generation of workers to name a few factors, employers across…

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Is Personal Finance the Key to Employee Well-Being?

In 2021, 1 in 4 employees quit their job or 25% of the entire workforce. As of October, according to Joblist’s third-quarter report, over 73% of active employees are considering leaving their…

5 Tips for Continuous Feedback in a Remote Workforce

Remote work had already been on the steady rise even before the Covid-19 pandemic, but when the world all but shut down, working from home became the only option for many businesses….

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It’s Time To Break Up With Your Annual Review

Despite the potential business benefits of providing feedback, the current format of feedback delivery is failing, both businesses and their employees. The current format for most performance management efforts is annual reviews.


Culture is Meaningful & Fun, Does It Increase Performance? 

A strong company culture is essential in increasing performance. We’ve find do’s and don’ts to create an ideal company culture.

Transparency between Coworkers

Transparency—Can There Be Too Much of a Good Thing?

In recent years, transparency has arisen as an imperative aspect of company culture, and with a global pandemic on our hands, being open and honest has never been so important. There are three significant benefits to a transparent organization. As with anything, there are dangers involved with transparency that leadership must be conscious of and work to prevent. But when management succeeds in creating a more transparent environment, they will be rewarded with a more productive, happier, and profitable organization.

COVID-19 has creating new norms and opportunities

Pandemic: Problem or Potential? Maximize Your Remote Work Potential 

Covid-19 has hit us hard and the end is not yet in sight. There are many ways company cultures are adapting and changing during this time. We’ve found 3 ways to save company culture while doing remote work.

Remote. Distanced. Isolated. Now How we Define our Lives

Remote, Distanced, Apart: How To Stay Connected While Isolated

The words “distanced,” “isolated,” “separate,” “apart,” and “unnecessary” are now commonly used words in our everyday communication. However, these words don’t have to be a part of how we talk about our companies. Though physically distanced, the yearning for face-to-face collaboration and social interaction doesn’t need to exist while we are working from home. We thought of 4 new ways managers can connect with their team while working remotely.